How it works

'Symbi   sicly'

Once surveyed, we will tirelessly work to improve your current environment, maximizing investments already made and reducing capital expenses.

This, combined with the implementation of new cloud based technologies, is where we found the sweet spot between renewing and improving - symbiotically.  


You may have heard a lot about Cloud or new solutions in Information technology. But once it's been implemented, who manages it?

Symbiosic managed services will take care of everything for you - So you'd be able to take care of your business.

Computer, Network 

Security & Consulting Services 

Technology, aligned with your line of business

Tel: 212-660-0444

267 5th Avenue, New-York, NY

NYC Cloud Data Center Managed Cyber Security

"Three years in service - Zero unplanned downtime."

Makor Capital

With over 30 years of combined experience designing and implementing high-end technical solutions,  We are dedicated for the best possible outcome on every engagement

Our Story

Symbiosic mission is to provide the right solution when needed. Symbiosic, as the name implies, is aimed towards tailoring technology to business needs. 

Our Vision

Cloud / Voip / Cyber all sounds great.

We strive to help businesses from all industries to utilize these solutions in a way that will drive them forward - While we do what we do best, designing and implementing them.


Tel: 212-660-0444

267 5th Avenue

New-York, NY 10011

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